Soundseek is a new application that lets users create and manage playlists of their favorite music streaming services in a single app.

The team behind Soundseek consists of Bjørn Skalkam, Mathias Kjeldsen and Josef Jensen, who recently graduated their bachelor's degree at Aalborg University with the project. We are now studying a master's degree together at Aalborg University, while working on Soundseek next to our studies.

If you want your music service available on Soundseek, feel free to reach out! It will always be free for you, and we don't do any kind of pay-to-win for music streaming services to get to the top. We just want to give users even more music to choose from, as we ultimately created Soundseek for ourselves.


Soundseek IVS, VAT: DK40351981


Overskousvej 2, 2500 Valby, Copenhagen, Denmark